Wilderness walks.


Dear Reader,

I live on top of the beautiful Rhymney Valley and I can see for miles from the front of my house.  From the back of where I live If I walk less than a quarter of a mile I arrive in wonderful open wilderness.

vally basin to higher ground 013

I am a lone walker who craves open spaces, high places, big skies, enjoy witnessing clouds shadow casting, light to dark in seconds. This photo was taken this afternoon it looks so surreal yet I felt at one and embrace all that I saw. The scent of the damp earth was intoxicating, the liquid sound of the skylark and haunting cry of the curlew sent me to another place. An ancient place that we all have inside of us a place called silence.

wilderness walks 006.jpg

I enjoy the soft sounds my boots make as I tread my path.Wild ponies at rest, clouds shave the earth. wilderness walks 011.jpg

The wind like me is untamed, dances and roars around me, big skies lay before me


I watch the sea of reeds wave to me, back and fore to the shoreline of my soul.


They say a lot of people of British are vitamin D deficient. Has the sun been replaced by sunbeds, fake tans and the car? Being outdoors is so beneficial to all, walking, running, cycling, we are meant to be upwardly mobile with a natural healthy glow.

I have performed my poetry on this wilderness, performed where Romans, bards and shamans have walked. Me performing last year.

I often walk barefoot on this great open space beauty. It is good to feel the heartbeat of mother earth beneath your feet.

You can find your open space and when you do listen out for the great silence that we all have deep within us.

Sunsets are so moving.


My last collection of poems called “Healing Garden” was inspired by my open space beauty. In the photo is my first collection of my poems “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind” I have another collection of my poetry called “Spirit Cracked not Broken” out this year.

Dear Reader remember silence is wonderful to listen to and it is truly beautiful to feel the sun warm your back.






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