Walking with Binoculars

Dear Reader,



We own 3 pairs of binoculars and only use them if we go on holiday or  when I stay in West Wales. This morning I decided to take a pair of binoculars with me on my walk.

The ground was ice cake white, I watched a pair of male bull finches pursuing a female and I thought “early to be courting” Down towards Caradoc bridge, over the river Darran or river Bargoed (my friend Dr Dai Williams says that the proper name is river Bargoed)

Onto Groes Faen I look behind me and take in the view. On this cold frosty, icy morning my senses are heightened and I breathe in musky scent from the fox, leaf mulch and moss.  But my eye and touch have the greatest potency for me. Light is sharp and green mould stands stark, some of the bare trees look like woolly mammoth. Rowan trees appear pencil straight. I dig my hands deep into the moss and breathe in this ancient perfume.

In the distance I think I have spied two daytime owls but my eyes are watering, my open mouth steams up the lenses on my binoculars. Wipe my eyes, blow my nose and keeping my mouth shut I take another look. What I saw were two small boulders behind the trees.  Flock of birds appear and I look through the binocular and I see a flock of Red Starts. I am joyous what a display. Flashes of  blue tits, pair of blackbirds are startled by my presence. I follow the serene red kite I watch through the powerful lenses as he or she spirals, then stops in some vacuum of the upper air. Darting before me are four wrens. Two beautiful thrushes. Yes all nature is pairing up and I stand in the middle of it all.

Onto the Cwm Darran trail, which is bare of humans, dogs and bikes. Only a flock of long tail tits and there “teacher teacher” sound for company. up over the dam through my secret meadow where I sit and listen to the beauty of silence, until a woodpecker is startled by my company. I watch the acrobatic tree creeper, up and down, in and out, yes I am opened mouth. I walk the sheep track back, it is narrow but gives me height and there he is waiting the majestic buzzard.

PS The murder of crows that I witness twice a day are jackdaw, sees binoculars never lie.




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