As we walk imprint our gratitude and our love to the earth


Dear reader,

We own a car and where we live we have very good public transport (bus and train)

Most days I prefer to walk to work and I tread many paths through wonderful beauty

listen to nature in all its glory and the sense of smell on a frosty morning is a delight.



Even in winter the colours are beautiful, leaf mulch fills my senses and moss too.


I like the sound  my boots make when they touch the earth the song my back pack sings too.



Walking on the Hengoed viaduct, below the river Rhymney in full flow and her musk, earth, iron scent is wonderful. Breathing deep and feeling beautiful.



When I reach my place of work I feel so alive


Walking has so many gifts for the mind, body and soul.


We do not own the earth walk gently upon it so that future generations may do the same.


Feel your whole body being drenched in the flow of your breath.


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