Boxing Day 2016 7am and 3 35pm







Walked towards my healing garden, following my breath and feeling the flow of life within. I turned around saw the sky wearing dawn colours and the moon too then I caught the  moon shadowing a pool of water. Silence was breath-taking I continued with my walk the wind played a song on the hood of my coat. Made my way towards St Gwladys Cross and sat with my self, at ease with my breath and the joy of being alone. Red kite appeared on the wind waiting to swoop to a nose of something below. Watched the sun rise before my eyes.


2 30pm walked down the old Deri road past the dam and on to the side of Bargoed mountain. I heard the sound of off-road bikes in the distance chewing up the ancient land and terrifying the wild life. Captured a glint of gold on the dam, stream sang a lament to me.photo6335  photo6336

Through my bare secret meadow, hard to belief at the height of summer this is full of wild Orchards.


Sat and witnessed the sun setting


 Breathing deeply and fully feels beautiful and uplifting.

If we live how we breathe take in and let go we cannot go wrong.


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