25th December 2016


Decided to had deliver a letter and post two letters into a post box. The wind was strong and it was good to hear the wind again. I cut through Bargoed local park. When I noticed two people waving and shouting merry christmas. I thought it was strange because I did not know them but I gave a weak wave. As I drew near I realised the couple were not waving or shouting to me but on a video link while walking their dog. The two people were older than me and were boasting about their christmas gifts.  I found this intrusive, loud and uncouth. For a moment I thought should I bring god into this but me being a pagan I hugged my favourite tree instead.

The wind played a lovely tune in the bare black branches of  the trees and the rain sang a wild opera on the hood of my coat. Stopped for a while to watch a red kite glide on the winds breath then swoop to a nose of some one below, it was a wonderful moment.

Later that evening BBC4 showed a Talawa production of King Lear it was the best King Lear (studied King Lear at A’ Level English Lit) I have  ever seen and I have seen a few productions of King Lear productions. Talawa captured the true emotions of power, hate and mistakes and the madness of Lear. The whole cast were brilliant the play flowed so well I was transfixed.

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