Weekend on the Somerset Coast


Dear Reader,

I have visited Minehead many times. Sometimes sailed on the Waverly, Balmoral, travelled by train and car. 1988 I cycled the whole of the Somerset coast and North Devon. Stopped at Porlock detoured on to Exmoor no camara just my bike, (Raleigh mountain bike one of the first too) just me and a back pack. In my mind’s eye I look back to the wonderful images & memories of that bike ride and remember it was a great teacher.

Minehead when the tide is out 

(Severn estuary, Mor Hafon in Welsh has the second highest tidal change in the world. First is the Bay of Fundy in Canada)

The empty harbour still looks pretty.


I love this sign it depicts the South West Coastal path. I remember reading the book (many times) “500 mile Walkies” by Mark Wallington. This sign because of the popularity of his book.


We were staying at the Old ship Aground. I have been staying here for 30 years. The old Ship Aground is situated on the harbour. I observed fishermen going out in their boats with funny names and watch them sail out on the back of Mor Hafon, Bristol Chanel, Severn estuary and fish.

Saturday December 10th

I am an early riser and I decided to go for an early walk at 6 50am. On to the coastal path to Porlock. Heard a barn owl, saw many rabbits but would disappear when they heard my footsteps. I captured the colours of dawn and it took my breath away.

photo6130 photo6134 photo6133

Met a local elderly man who was out walking with his two very happy springer spaniels. We sat and spoke and then watched the sun rise over Somerset together.



Sunday John and I walked to Dunster, along the coastal path.


Passing a golf course when I saw this sign. My dear friend Keith who passed away this year would have loved this sign.


We came across 2nd WW gun emplacements. My grandfather James Scantlebury, helped to build these before he was shipped off to Burma.

photo6164   photo6166

Came across this beautiful willow tree what a colour and December too.


Dunster railway station now that’s what I call a real train station.

photo6167 photo6168

We often travelled from Minehead to Bishop Lydiard many times on the steam train, with a picnic and good bottle of red. Alas not today, its santa’s turn, I do not like sharing the train with santa.

Dunster is a very pretty village with a 19th century castle and a wonderful yarn market.

photo6180 photo6175

We called in a tea shop that had an  unusual tree in their the garden. We ate cheese scones now when did you last eat a cheese scone?

photo6179 photo6178

Later that evening I captured the moon’s reflection on the harbour waters

photo6207 photo6201 photo6190

Beautiful weekend away to a lovely place that’s not far away.

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