Twice a day I see a murder of crow

Dear reader,

From my house twice a day I see a murder of crows, it is a beautiful sight and makes my spirit soar. Today at 4 10pm I decided to go and visit the crows in my local park Bargoed Park. I was not disappointed.


My poem Crows which is in my first collection of poems.

“Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind”


Watching the crows on display

turning inside out and back again.

they twist and turn liken to one entity

ink black on steel grey.

They squawk and hark in tune

their wings ebb and flow

into a feathery cascade.

They swiftly swoop,

disappear to where they lay.

I stand looking at the wide empty sky.

memories of you come and haunt my space.

Written by Julie Ann Pritchard 2013

Beautiful sky to remind me to live in the now.


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