Morlais Castle

Left the north gates of Cyfartha Park at 8 55am captured the sun coming out over the lake at Cyfartha Park. That was the last time I saw the sun.


Walked on to the old tram road to Taf Fechan nature reserve.

photo6232 The weather was good for walking but you had to keep mind to feet.The river sang a wonderful lament to me. Following Alder trees that cloggers used to make cloggs, to an open lime meadow.


Leaving the nature reserve behind I crossed the road through a gate and up a steep path.


Towards the quarry


 I last did this walk two years ago with friends and I was not leading walk. I noticed there was no designated path to Morlais Castle also the sign for the Morlais trail had disappeared

The views on top were stunning. In the distance Pont Sarn viaduct


I took a wrong turning but with my built-in compass I was soon back on track.

Walked up the many wooden slippery steps


Up until now I had not seen another human being until the man wearing wellies with sheep dog. He told me I was heading for the Brecon Railway. We chatted then he moaned about the area and Morlais Castle not having a designated path.


I climbed on my hands and knees up the quarry face, it was hard work, slabs were very slippery. My inner voice reminded me that I have to walk back this way later. The colour of my face  half way and I still had more climbing to do.


At the Castle the Merthyr mist came in and very wisely I made my way back

This walk is a good 9 miles and you need to be fit and not afraid of heights.

I will be leading this walk on Saturday 21st January 2017

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