All weather walker

High pressure weather we have been witnessing beautiful sun rises and sunset. Where I live my house faces east and I can see a sun rise and sun set

Sun rise from the front of my house

Clouds and plane pollution add colour


Sun setting from Gelligear common 

Nature drew charcoal clouds to add colour and spice.

photo6070 photo6084

I am not a fair weather walker, I am real walker, wild woman walker. I like being out in all weathers. Bare  feet too and rolling around on a forest floor. The new phrase in America is called forest bathing. I have been forest bathing for years.

Weather’s changed gone from clear to mystical, magical mist.


To be out with nature to hear bird song, to feel her breath on your face and neck. Sun warming your back and the sound of rain on your anorak. No TV, video or realty programs can capture  real nature in all its true glory.

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