First dusting of snow

I am at the age in my life where I awake  early I call this the witching hour. Sat with negative thoughts I hum to myself and fill my mind with positive thinking. I am not alone I know many women of my age have this problem. 3am the North wind sang a wild opera to me. I looked out my window snow flakes were whizzing past sometimes horizontal.

Winter has come early I make my way down stairs so not to disturb my husband. I make a cup of ginger tea and read but I am drawn to the patio door, to the shape of the snow flakes they are fascinating to watch.

7am nature is calling me, enticing me out. Gelligaer common is beckoning me. Dressed in my arctic coat I ventured out.


The snow is slushy must keep the mind to feet. I like the sound my boots made and the way the wind plays a note on the hood of my coat. It is so comforting


I sang the poem Christina Rossetti wrote In the bleak mid winter…..

I spy a pair of red kites I see the pair often, I normally stay around and watch them hunt but not today.


Wild ponies stop and stare.


I think on spirit and the soul and who feeds who and if we have neither how lost we truly are . How silence is different from solitude I like both.

I made my way back and came across a tree that reminds me of a stag the branches are his antlers see his nose.


Row of beech trees and the icy pool I like the contrast


The sky wears its winter coloures.


Remember we all have an ancient deep well inside of us called silence.


Be where you are most happy and never forget to feel.



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