Mor Hafren


I decided to walk from Penarth Head to Lavernock Point. I know Penarth well I lived there before I moved up to the beautiful Rhymney Valley. My mother’s family originate from Penarth.

The weather was deliciously cold I do enjoy walking in cold weather. I am also recovering from a chest infection so not feeling my best. Lots of dog walkers and runners. I looked across Severn Estuary to Ynys Echni (Flat Holme) Steep Holme and Breen Down. I have been on both islands and walked the top of Breen Down. Mor Hafren is the longest river in Britain and many watered arteries enter there. The Wye, Usk, Avon, Ely, Rhymney, Sirhowy and Taff.


Tunnel of delight and a flock of Long tailed tits flew past me what a wonderful sight. In the distance the bells of St Augustus church pealed out. When I lived in Penarth my flat was down the lane from St Augustus church and on Sundays it was impossible to have a lay in


Beside me sloes, blackberries, red berries, rosehips.

 Below the sound of the serene river


I stopped at Lavernock Point and watched the currents they mesmerised but beware below their beauty lies danger. Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal change in the world the first is the Bay of Fundy Canada.


Racking cough is back my body overrode my mind so I reluctantly retraced my steps. I wanted to walk to Sully, Cosmeston woods and on to the disused St Mary’s well bay railway line.


Frost on the coast it must be cold.


Sun reflecting on my face. As I reflect on my journey in seeking wisdom.


All journeys have a single purpose to get to another place. There are places everywhere and the differences are less than you might think. Some places are no more than a state of mind.


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