“Silence is wonderful to listen to”




Wednesday morning being an early riser I was up at 5am. Sat in my conservatory, my house faces east and we had a conservatory built  on the front of the house 16 years ago. I can see a sun rise over the Sirhowy Valley,  Twnbarlwm, Mynydd Islwyn and Machan I have walked all three mountains many times. I can see the Chartist bridge in Blackwood and below the town of Bargoed. I breath in the scent of the dawn and looked at  the sea of sky bringing waves of light.


In the soft hour of morning outside I hear a robin, on the fence a wren sat twitching then dived searching for worms in my earth garden. On the bird table blue tits eat the food that I have left. Flock of starling flew past and the regular murder of crows gave me a wonderful display. At the back of my throat the lurky is rising. I know my body is fighting an infection. still I sit and witness the golden orb rise above a ceiling of cloud adding a warm glow. I enjoy these  soft moments where you sink into yourself and listen to your inner silence.




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