What’s money to the Soul?


I dropped some books off to an old friend of mine. Afterwards I took a walk on the Taff Trail. I really enjoy walking the Taff Trail (cycled the length of it 3 times) When it is quiet it is a peaceful magical place.I was staring at the serene river Taff when a flash of blue passed before my eyes. It was a pair of young Kingfishers. I could not capture the moment, maybe sometimes some moments need to be for your eyes alone.I tell myself I need to invest in a good camara and leave my phone camara at home.

Oak tree branched out in autumn colours, what a beautiful image.


I stayed her for while thinking on happiness, happiness is not a place, you cannot find happiness in materialism and what is money to the soul? Happiness is what is inside you. I stood in my own inner happiness and felt joy.

Reflections shade and light fascinate me.


Normally like a circular walk not today I wanted to retrace my steps


Over the bridge I heard the roar of the M4 and whoosh of the Cardiff to Valleys train.Where I had just been where there was no materialistic sound only natures


The Afon Taff is very special to me it takes me to a tranquil place an ancient place called silence.


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