The first frost of Autumn


Walked to my local country Park Bargoed the park was once Bargoed and Britannia colliery. It also has a train station in the middle, Gilfach Fargoed Train station. When I was a Labour Councillor we helped to plant the trees in this beautiful park.

Weather was cold very cold and I saw the first frost of the autumn.


Birds were in abundance saw the stately Heron.

The river sang a wonderful lament


I have seen the Salmon and trout leaping


I like the way the sun rays dance with the river and creates natures breath


Dappled shaded paths a wonderful refreshing walk before my meeting with Victim Support.


A beautiful oasis of industry returned to nature and leisure.

4 miles and I was happy.


Remember we are all passing through walk gentle and try to leave kind deeds behind

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