Out walking before the sun rose


I left the house at 645am and it was cold, very cold but no frost. I like the sky at dawn and twilight but I like the sky more when clouds add color to sun rises and sun sets. Dark blue to Turquoise and a fringe of gold sky. First time I have worn my beeny this autumn. On to my healing garden and the sky towards Merthyr Vale, pinked shade.


It was so peaceful I walked past sheep and say

“Do not worry I am only passing through like you”

The sheep stay put and so did the cattle. At the end of the day we are all passing through and it is how we pass through this life that matters.

I thought back to Saturday September 10th when I was assaulted by two twenty year olds because John asked them to stop riding off-road bikes on the green in front of our house. I was spat in the face and had food thrown over my hair, face and clothing, called filthy names. I wanted to bash the both of them but I chose dignity and grace instead and so did John. Police were informed I chose not to prosecute despite having witnesses. What puzzled me, was I was told by an officer of the local authority that these people did not have a good start in life. I stopped him in his tracks. Both my parents were addicts, I wore shoes with holes in. I failed at school because of poverty and abuse. Yet when I became an adult I worked hard, gained qualifications and bettered myself in every aspect. My parents were the best teachers of how not to be. I chose not be like them but learn from their mistakes. The two individuals who assaulted me with threats, spitting and throwing of food chose to behave like bullies. I will not write any further on this incident. I just hope the two never ever behave like that to any one again.

The sun peeped out over the horizon and spread light and much-needed heat.


I followed a pair of sky larks or were they following me. I watched in wonder at the tiny baubles that hung on the grass I waved my hand along  the top, the coldness warmed my hands.I like the way the tips of the reeds gleam like gold in the sunlight.


There are still pools of water.

I love reflections, light shapes and shadows.


Murder of crows gave a beautiful display. I walked back towards a green tunnel of beauty.


Remember we are all passing through try to leave gentleness behind and kind deeds.

3 thoughts on “Out walking before the sun rose”

  1. Beautiful pictures, words and thoughts, Julie. So sorry to hear you had to experience such an ugly encounter on your doorstep. Hope you’re okay. xx

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