August 7th Tintern Abby & Chepstow


We decided that we would have more cultural weekends.We headed for Tintern Abby after less than hour’s drive we arrived. It was a glorious morning with wall to wall sunshine. I have never been to Tintern Abby before. I walked the outskirts of Tintern in 2009. When I walked part of (Offa’s Dyke) Walked from Hay Bluff to Sedbury Cliff. I had no mobile phone or camera it was bliss. I wanted to look at the river Wye because in 2009 I saw my first river Otter on the Wye.


Tintern Abby was busy but despite the tourists, visitors, kids playing and people speaking loud. I found a quiet spot. The wind gushed through the trees and sounded like the sea. I saw a Red Kite above and watched shadows inside the empty Abby that was full of life.

I captured the image empty of people what a view from a window


The Abby was founded 1131 by Walter fitz Richard of Clare, was an  Anglo-Norman lord. It was the second Cistercian house in Britain. Tintern was also popular with artists and writers, including Turner and Wordsworth.


On to Chepstow and the three Tuns pub where we were staying the night. A very good pub Landlord and landlady Giles and Lisa were very accommodating. We had room number 4 a  comfortable room with en suite.


That evening they had a Uklele band playing on the stage in the beer garden. The band was excellent to the right of the photo you can see Chepstow Castle. Photo of us was taken by Lola one of the punters at the Three Tuns.

Photo5291   Photo5293

An amazing view of Chepstow Castle with the sun going down, very dramatic.


Later we had a delicious Italian meal at Mamma Mia’s.

We slept well and the breakfast was excellent also the beer was good too. I would recommend the Three Tuns to anyone.

Chepstow Castle in the morningPhoto5296

2 thoughts on “August 7th Tintern Abby & Chepstow”

  1. Love Chepstow Castle and I think I might have to revisit Tintern Abbey. It’s been ages since I’ve been there but it’s not far and so beautiful. Glad you had such a lovely mini-break.

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