I had no internet when the Chilcot report came out.

Dear Wayne David MP for Caerphilly Borough,

I remember you before you became MP. When you, Maria Battle, MP for Rhondda Chris Bryant and BBC journalist Rhodri Lewis were fighting for Ron Davies seat. You were selected to run as our MP.  I was on your campaign committee along with Dave Stoneman and Jeff Cuthbert back then Jeff called everyone comrade. I worked hard to get you elected.

1999 I became a Town Councillor for Gilfach estate along with my husband John Pritchard. During the days leading up to the Iraq invasion you and I were together against the invasion and I greatly admired you for this. I went to my local Labour branch Bargoed, Gilfach and Aberbargoed. To ask for support. At the time my cousin’s husband had been shot and died out in Iraq. Dewi Pritchard was married with two children he was in the T/A’s Dewi real job was an engineer with Bosch. I became the spoke person for the family. First time any government had used the T/A’s. I was appalled. Dewi died because he did not have the body protection and the vehicle he was driving was not protected either.

I spoke to my local branch and asked would they support me. Harry Andrews who was then chair said to me.

If weapons of mass destruction were found tomorrow you would change your mind. I replied if weapons were found Blair put them there.

No one supported me. I stood alone literally alone in that small room with big hate. Later that week at the CLP meeting you said you changed your mind and you sided with the liar Blair. I felt as if you stabbed me in the heart and I began to see you with different eyes.

Then the 7 page letter that you co wrote along Harry Andrews and David Carter which David Carter hand delivered. Is still in my possession it is farcical and a foolish letter.

I had no option and i resigned as a councillor. How could I stay  and fight within I had none to fight with me.

Been active Labour party member since the age 10 when I walked the streets of Ely Cardiff behind George Thomas shouting “Vote vote for Georgie Thomas” I became active in the union NUOTGW  Len Murray our leader. marched to London along with thousands of others for The Right to Work march. Shouting  “Out out Thatcher out out” Stood with a buket to collect money for striking miners.

Became a lobbyist for Amnesty international for Caerphilly Borough area lobbying you. Total wast of time you only cared about you and what the whip said.

I stood alone but I came back 2008.

You are not a strong leader you are weak and a dither. You were against the invasion of  Iraq then changed your mind.You were for the post Office to remain then changed your mind. You abstained in the Welfare Bill in 2015 SHAME ON YOU. Caerphilly Borough is deemed as a poor area and you abstained. The racist remarks you made last week was an embarrassment. To have UKIP giving you a political kick in was unbelievable.

Secretary of Caerphilly County Labour Party Bryn Hollywell sent emails regarding Jeff Cuthbert. Jeff Cuthbert  had stood down as AM due to ill-health and need time for other things but decided to stand for Police commissioner. I questioned this in email to Bryn Hollywell and also how it could distract votes from Hefin David who was standing for AM.

Bryn Hollywell shared my email with others included old comrade himself Jeff Cuthbert. I received a long email from Jeff Cuthbert and attached to Jeff’s email was Bryn Hollywell’s email. I did not respond to the email. I phoned Jeff Cuthbert. I asked Jeff what qualifications he had to be police commissioner and how him standing could create confusion for voters voted for Hefin David. Jeff called me. Offensive stupid woman who did not know what I was talking about. Shocked lost for words but I found them quickly. I told Jeff he was pretentious and up is own back side and a snob who lost his labour roots comrade and put the phone down. You wonder why I do not attend meetings or campaign when members of the Labour party treat me like this. Strange Bryn Hollywell and his wife have not spoken to me since 2003 yet he past my email on to others.

Jeremy Corbyn. A good man, decent honest, a man of integrity. I met him at Nye Bevan stones. He spoke to the people from the heart and off the cuff. No Jeremy does not have the bull shit blue eyes of Blair. Jeremy is a man true to himself unlike you. You are weak and a careerist politician like Chris Bryant.

You ask Jeremy Corbyn to stand down, you amaze me. If you were half the man Jeremy Corbyn is I would not be writing this letter.

The time for the working class to unite is now and you are not a working class. You have distance from us, real distance you only have time for yourself and only have ears for the Labour Party Whip.

For the sake of people you are supposed be representing and are not. For goodness sake go and go now. We need a real leader for Caerphilly Borough and you are not a leader.


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