Meadows and walking bare foot


Dear reader,

As you some of you know, I live in a beautiful Rhymney Valley. I am surrounded in beauty that once belonged to the coal industry. I have no affinity to the coal industry. I came from Cardiff. Yet I raised money for miners during the strikes of 1979 and 1984. My husband was a Collier and he broke his back while working underground. He had to learn to walk again. He wears the blue scars of coal on his forehead, hands,  arms and legs.  He is the granddad in my poem “Dinosaurs Back”

Extract taken from the poem “I see the blue marks on his forehead he said it is where Nanny hit him with a frying pan but I know it is a grain of coal dust”

I moved up to the beautiful Rhymney Valley 24 years ago. I followed the Salmon, trout and Otter.

I walk through many meadows, grazing meadows and natural fallow meadows.

When you are out walking and you see primrose and glover in hedgerows you will know that hedgerow was once a meadow.

Grazing Meadows: Farmer Powell spreads manure each year on this field, his cattle and sheep graze this meadow. In this meadow  I found the young bull calf 2015. When I walk bare foot through this meadow, coal stains the soles of my feet.


The natural fallow meadow is hidden away from cattle, sheep and polution.This photo I took last week 6 30am in the morning. See the difference in the grazing to the fallow.


It was full with rough stalked meadow grass and foxtail grass. Clover, Buttercups Meadow Sweet, Lady’s Smock and Pyramid Orchids. The scent of this meadow I cannot find the words. Only for the musky scent of the fox which I do not find offensive. I like the musky smell it fills my senses.

Today Sunday June 12th Left the house at 8 50am to walk the scenic route to Deri where I was delivering a letter by hand. Weather was humid with light summer rain. I tied my water proof round my waist and wore linen trousers, with a black vest and good trainers.

Yellow hammers, sky larks, swifts and swallows were all out in the low summer cloud. The rain was very refreshing I walked down the dam onto the Parc Cwm Darran Trail. Which was bare of dog walkers and cyclist. The rain caressed my bare skin it felt good my breathing mirrored my thoughts, calm thinking sailing on a positive sea.

Posted my letter, As I  walked back saw a dog walker with two like whippet dogs as he walked past I had a waft of what I thought was the scent of a fox. No it was cannabis. A shower of rain kept me company to my fallow meadow.

Fallow meadow

Photo5061 Photo5084

Soft greens combined with colour dripping in summer rain. Off came my trainers and socks it was truly a peaceful feeling the earth was warm, baby warm growing into Summer.


I was soaking wet but relaxed and my breathing went so deep because I was high on nature.


That glow feeling when you have a hot bath soft with sleep.


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