Monknash Vale of Glamorgan

Poems and thoughts from the walking poet

  Map OS Explorer 151 Cardiff to Bridgend


Dear Reader,

I miss the sea, the sound and the smell so I decided to drive to Monknash to seek the real sea not the Severn estuary. Left the house 7 30am, weather was glorious and roads were empty.

I arrived at Monknash to be greeted by amazing clear views, sky larks, chaffinch’s and sea gulls.


The Monknash Coast is a site of Special Scientific Interest for its sequence of limestone deposits and its eroding hard coastline and cliffs. They have been shaped over a thousands of years  to form the four and a half kilometre stretch of coastline between Cwm Nash and St Donat’s Point which allows an understanding of how the present coastline has evolved.


I was last at Nash Point Lighthouse 3 years ago. I heard wonderful story-teller Amanda Rackstraw perform her story it was a great evening. Nash Point…

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