My first bare foot meadow walk 2016


Dear reader,

Today Saturday May 14th was my first bare foot meadow walk. Walking is my saving grace (keeps my depression that I have suffered from since a child at bay) However I have not been well, I pulled a large muscle in my back beginning of April while in Manchester because of this I could not perform my poetry in Stretford Manchester. Middle of April I had a very big emotional trauma that floored me mentally. Last week while walking home from work I became ill with a Flu like virus. I have only had the flu twice in my life as child and when I was 39. I was in bed for 3 days very poorly could not even read and this upset me. That is enough on my negativity.

Today weather was cloudy and colder than yesterday. I left the house at 7 50am. Climbed over the stile that leads to my meadow. Swallows and house Martins have arrived. I see them sit on the wire of anticipation then they swiftly dip and dive and give me a wonderful display. Swifts are not here yet. Then I hear a day time owl this puzzles me. Onto the common and the reeds sway to the tune of the wind. I hear the Cuckoo in the distance. The yellow hammers and gold finches have paired up. I spy bluebells among the green. Then I walk barefoot and feel earths heart beat beneath my feet. See Lady’s Smock everywhere Lady’s Smock is also commonly known as the Cuckoo Flower. Pink lilac petals look fragile yet this wild flower posses a beautiful scent. It fills my senses along with the moss, meadow foxtail and common reeds.

Since October I have read over 20 books, strange I do not read poetry, yet lately I have!! I went to Amy Wack’s First Thursday Chapter, to hear poet Lynne Hjelmgaard read from her latest collection called “A Boat Called Annalise” Lynne is a beautiful reader of poetry and her poems sailed through to my soul. Saw Jerry Hooker at the Imp Merthyr last month we exchanged our books I gave him “Healing Garden” he gave me “Scattered Light” Jeremy Hooker is another beautiful reader of his own work and his poems touched me. I could hear both poets voices in their wonderful words. At poet and writer Mike Jenkins open mic, Merthyr. I won in a raffle, Mike’s book of poems from 1979 called “Rat City” based in and around Northern Ireland. It was a wonderful change to read Mike’s poetry from back then.

I hear the cuckoo again but this time not in my meadow but the side of Deri Mountain. From the corner of my eye I spy rabbits, wild rabbits scurrying about. I sit for a while and hear nature talk to me. It is good to be out walking again and to feel at one. I like being with me, hearing the heart beat with in, the ancient heart beat that we all have and have forgotten about. As I make my way back home I hear the cuckoo again. I now know there are 3 cuckoos this year. I like that.

A little quote from me. It is the choice’s we make that make us and our thoughts are what we perceive the world to be.


2 thoughts on “My first bare foot meadow walk 2016”

  1. I love this -> “It is good to be out walking again…, hearing the heart beat within, the ancient heart beat that we all have and have forgotten about.”

    And I’m in awe of how many birds and flowers you know. I am useless at that sort of thing, I’ve recently bought myself some small guidebooks to try and help me identify them!

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