Part of Rhymney Valley Ridgeway


Beautiful sunrise so I grabbed the morning and took it on a walk with me. I decided to walk part of the Rhymney Valley Ridgeway cloakwise from Parc Penallta to Caerphilly Mountain. Left the house at 8 30am to drive to Parc Penallta. I arrived at Parc Penallta 8 40am gates were locked strange. I drove to Ystrad Mynach train station parked the car and caught the train to Aber.


9 10am I Walked from Aber station to Penrhos rondabout and the busy A468. (Word of warning if you want to do this walk make sure you start early because A468 is  hell to cross over and car drivers do not give a fig) I  walked anticloakwise part of the Rhymney Valley Ridgeway. Past Gypsy lane through a boggy field the path was dire.


Past the Stables no stile, no exit at all. I had to climb over a rickty gate and bashed my knee. Making my way to Groeswen. Up through steep fields looked back a curtain of cloud revealed Breen Down, Flat Holm and Steep Holm sitting on a mill-pond Bristol channel. The wind was bracing but off came my water proof jacket. Pulled my fleece hood over my blue beeny then off came my hood. I did this maybe hundred times on the walk.


Sweet scent of the peet bog was wonderful.Sky larks kept me company and Swifts too. Eyes and nose were streaming. Glad I brought my man’s handkerchief. 360 degree views I blew a kiss at Senghenydd and the Aber Valley. Past Eglwysilan to the ridgeway and my ankles and knees were playing Beethoven 18th 12th Overture but my mind played Chopain Tristesse.

I really enjoy walking alone.  In the distance a cathedral of nature. Brecon Beacons, Black mountains and Hay Bluff. Alas my phone camera did not capture what I saw. Very annoying, but I am a writer not a photographer.The path was uneven and water-logged. Pontypridd to my left, Merthyr Vale in front, in the distance  the Vale of Glamorgan .

I thought about exercise and the body. I am 55 and fit for my age because I have always been active. I wonder what happens to the mucus, the fiber, muscle and bone if the body is not  used properly. We are meant to be upwardly mobile.

I could see Llanfabon in the distance. I walked gingerly among the rubbish that builders, plumbers and decorators have left. I do not complain anymore. After being verbally abused on the old Deri Road two weeks ago by two CCBC workers. I reported the incident but it shook me up. I want a quiet life now.

I stopped at the Llanfabon Inn and ordered a Americano. Sat outside and looked back to where I had walked. I witnessed the clouds caress the hills, shadow casting I call it. Still had another 3 miles to go.

Up the lane through 3 fields I was pleased I had no aches or pain and my back was good (I pulled a large muscle in my Back end of March) Then the dreaded pavement walking, I detest pavement walking. I hobbled to Ystrad Mynach train station at 1 50pm my body  sighed when I sat down. In all I had walked 14 miles.



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