Shades of light


Dear reader,

I am opening this blog with extract taken from my poem “Ebbs of Time” which is in my new collection of poems called “Healing Garden”and “Healing Garden” is now available on Amazon.

First verse of Ebbs of Time

Sea sounding wind

rolls of sunlight

dappled in shade,

you come to me in waves

illumination of truth to enlighten

the shadowed past as I sail on solitude.

Light and shade fascinate me the photo at the top of my blog, I took 6 40am this morning in the little park in front of my house. When I say little, Bargoed Park (not to be confused with Bargoed Country Park) is a busy park. Bargoed Rugby team play here and Bargoed football team too. There is a running track an area for children to enjoy and skate boarding area too. What I enjoy is early morning walks through the many paths capturing light shade and shadow.

Early morning sun rays warming the frost to green again


The sounds that greets me as I walk,  the tattoo of the woodpecker, the winged feathers of a flock of starlings flying pass, a black bird sings high above me. Bargoed park is the only park I know where trees eat park benches.


The busy park is empty of people, no dog walkers or children.

Just me following my breath.

Frost on the edge while shadows add shade to daffodils.


Walking paths of bare black, branched beauty.


Never fear shadows it just means there is a light somewhere.



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