A sun rise to a sun set

Dear Reader, I live on top of the beautiful Rhymney Valley facing east with nothing in front of me. So I see a sun rise every day. This morning Wednesday 13th April 5 44am. I captured the sun before the dawn. It is not so much the sun but the colours of dawn that fascinate me, soft pinks and yellows against a beautiful blue sky, contrasted by bare black skeleton trees.


Yesterdays Sun rise was magical, mystical folds of clouds with a warm honey sun.


Yesterday evening Tuesday 12th April I witnessed a storm I knew rain was not far. I breathed in the air and plops of rain was everywhere, followed by sleet, hail and snow. Sheet lightning thunder banging. It was wonderful. The front of my house faces east the back faces west so I see a sun set too. I followed the storm over my healing garden Gelligaer Common. Sheep were bleating, lambs teating their mams. Liquid sound of the sky larks a murder of crows I spied a pair of wrens. I looked towards Brecon Beacon and this is what I saw.

Rain on gold.


An inner world enshrouded in cloud


Baby blues over a ceiling of light.


Breathed in the scent of mother earth and it reminded of  John Denver’s Annie’s song “You fill up my senses like a night in a forest a desert in spring time a walk in the rain” My meadow has a scent of its own you cannot own it but you can breathe it is when you are passing through. Like the world we do not own it, we are passing through so tread carefully and treat others wisely with respect and love well.

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