Sun rise sunset



The sky this morning at 6 45am Venus lighting her way

Dear Reader,

As you know I live in the beautiful Rhymney Valley. The Rhymney Valley starts at Llanbradach through to the village of Ystrad Mynach and the town of Bargoed and other villages on route and ends at the town of Rhymney. However, the River Rhymney springs from a stream in the Brecon Beacons cascading its way and floats through the Valley. Then  turns left at Llanbradach, flows past Machen snaking its way towards St Mellons and Rumney in Cardiff. Caerphilly Borough crosses over many boundaries but this does not make these boundaries the Rhymney Valley.

To the west of Bargoed Town we have my healing garden. Gelligaer and Merthyr Common and where I witness the sun rising and setting.


The photo above was taken 7am this morning you can see the lights of the valley twinkling and I could hear the roaring sound of cars on our new by-pass and the smell of washing powder that lingered in the cold air.

Dawn colours and the sheep looking at me in a strange way.


It was freezing minus 4, though wrapped up it was bitter and real winter weather which I love.


I looked towards my frozen healing garden and all I heard was my breathing. It was wonderful to turn the noise down and hear your self think.


I climb over my stile and noticed it is still broken  after I complained about it 3 months ago. I contacted CCBC .  CCBC said it is on there to do list.


Making my way back home.


Dear reader, I am self-employed and at the moment my work is dire. I am working 3 day a week now. I have not worked 3 day a week since the 1970’s. I think on the positive side and see my situation as a teacher and what can I learn from my work situation.

4 30pm I decided to go out and witness the sun setting.


A bitterly cold afternoon and the moon was lit up like a balloon on the blue twilight sky.


The orange glow enticed me further so I carried on walking but as I looked around I caught the moon’s reflection in a frozen puddle.


I think on people’s attitude towards people who are naturally kind like Jeremy Corbyn. Never mistake kindness for stupidity, it takes amazing strength to show kindness towards the human race. Remember your sense of place and your true role in life’s rich tapestry.


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