Walks and Woods



Dear reader,

I enjoy walking in a group but most of all I like solitary walking, not because I want to be isolated, solitary walks inspire my creative side. I also walk alone for health benefits, I suffer from depression, due to an abusive childhood. I am very sensitive to sounds, smells and people. I find walking with nature so soothing and uplifting. There is talk now in the medical world that walking through ancient woodlands and forests  can give off healing powers of well being. I have always known this. The air is clean and fresh liken to a cold shower, the trees feel different. When walking through a forest you know  you are not alone and that the ancient past is looking towards you.


Did you know, wood still breaths, after is has been chopped and made into wood flooring, pine kitchen tables, oak sideboards or a pencil this amazes me. I like the feel of wood. On my many walks I often bring home branches and fallen logs and put them in my house and garden.


Paper comes from wood and that is why I love the smell of books it is not just because of the many hands that have held the book. I can smell wood. Also wood smoke there is something primitive in wood smoke. I am allergic to perfume and deodorants but if you bottle wood smoke I would wear it as my perfume. We all have a circadian clock in us human beings circadian clock is 24 hour. Trees have a circadian clock too. This is shown when we have a mild winter and we wonder why the leaves are not there. The reason being the tree as its own circadian clock, they have a time when they shed their leaves and this fascinated me too.


Even in the depths of winter there is beauty (I took this photo November 2014)


I hug trees too I have hugged trees for years. I have one tree I hug 4/5 times a week but due to the very wet weather I have not hugged my tree for 3 weeks. (I took this photo late winter afternoon 2014)Photo2691 The tree that I hug is famous. It is the front cover of “RARA Volume 2 from the present” (Rhyme and Real Ale’s 2015 anthology) I also took the sky photo too.Photo3093

A seedling from a fir tree buried its self on my late fathers, sister and brothers grave. It got so big John and I took had to take it down. We used a saw, it was a long painful process the tree was weeping and so was I. The trunk grew into 3 one for each other. I took the bottom trunk home and it sits under my veranda I find it comforting not morbid.


When did you last jump on a proper swing. I do it often, as you can see by the photo. It is really good to let the child in you out to play. (My two walking friends  Keith and Hwyl)







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