My Politics, Iraq 2003 and Today

Dear Reader,

I have been active in politics since the late 60s. At the age of ten, when I traipsed the streets of Ely, Cardiff. Behind my MP at the time, George Thomas. Shouting “vote, vote, vote, for Georgie Thomas” Despite what people have said about George Thomas since his death. George Thomas was a gentleman and a good MP too.

I joined the Union NUTGW 1978. Len Murray was our leader I admired Murray (regardless what people said about him since he has died; funny people got lots to say after people have died knowing they cannot defend themselves) Walked with banners a blazed “The Right to Jobs March” I marched with Miners 1980s. I still hate Thatcher, that women destroyed the pits and also the manufacturing industry, car industry and shipping. She tried to finish off the working class. I was made redundant 4 times from 1980 to 1999.

I hated the 70’s and 80’s three-day week, blackout and Tories most of all the job losses.

I became a Councillor for the Labour Party 1999. I did not want to be a Councillor. I am a very awkward and a shy person. Despite at the time  running a very successful Youth club on the Gilfach Council Estate, Bargoed.

Bargoed branch approached (Tudor Davies) me because two people had let them down. I reluctantly said yes. I became a Councillor but Labour had lost to Plaid. I sat on the Council with 2 independents, 6 Plaid Cymru and 4 Labour. I approached Diane Price who was Town Mayor (she had lost her seat to Plaid)  for help regarding me being the only female labour councillor, she told me. I was on my own and refused to give me any  advice. I took it what else could I do.

Bargoed Town Council from 1999 2003 worked very hard together, we put our political feelings aside for the town of Bargoed, Aberbargoed and Gilfach. It was a good teacher for me and I realised some of my enemies were my own. I became County Secretary (unpaid) I turned it around had guest speakers and it had gone from 6 attending to 25. I was pleased, my hard work had paid off. Graham Court who was leader of CLP, Councillor Len Lewis for Nelson, Councillor Christine Forehead for Caerphilly. Put spite and many obstacles in my way but still I remained.

Ron Davies very clever, charismatic man, worked his way up to become MP and was a very good MP for the Rhymney Valley. Like Red Ray Davies. Ron was home-grown he came from the Valleys. Ron Davies MP messed up big time, sadly he had to go. It was a very sad time for Labour in the Rhymney Valley and It broke my heart as well as many others. We needed a new MP. Chris Bryant (now Rhondda MP) Rhodri Lewis BBC Wales journalist, Maria Battle Liverpool brought in from outside because she was a woman.

Dear reader, I am equal to a man I do not believe in, must have a women candidate I believe in best person for the Job and it was not Maria Battle. Wayne David lived in Beddau  was once a member of European Parliament. Wayne David  was my first choice, Rhodri Lewis was my second choice I was on Wayne David’s campaign committee with Jeff Cuthbert (when he believed in the socialist worker and was once a militant) now AM for Caerphilly County, Dave Stoneman, Councillor Liz Aldsworth, Gareth Williams, Betty Williams, Bryn Hollywell and a couple of others. I walked the streets with Jeff, Dave and Liz. Canvassed on doorsteps, licked many envelopes, manned phones because I believed in Wayne David. Wayne quickly moved from Beddau to Caerphilly.  I helped him move. I remember his wife Catherine a lovely woman. I was at the count along with others. Wayne won we were happy. We celebrated till the early hours.

Wayne was different from Ron Davies he lacked charisma and personality but he was a new  MP so you made allowances and we all supported him. Sadly he grew into a careerist politician began to listen to Westminster and not the people of CCB.

2003 Iraq I am opposed to all wars I am pro peace. I had a violent upbringing I do not like violence at all. For thousands of years war has taken place across the world and has not solved anything.

I lost a relative not a blood relative. Dewi Pritchard  was married to my cousin. He had two children worked for Bosch and was a in the TA’s. He came home on leave from Iraq 2003. He knew that we the UK, were in Iraq for the wrong reasons. Still he had to return he was shot dead the day after he arrived back in Baghdad.

Wayne David at the time was against the invasion of Iraq but because he preferred to listen to Westminster instead of his own people he changed his mind and went with Blair. I was incensed and made my feelings known to Wayne.

I asked my branch to back me against the war and the weapons of mass destruction they refused so did the CCLP I stood alone.

Dear reader, I remember one time at CLP group meeting. A member came in with the bible  and started preaching. It says in the bible that what we are doing is right regarding Iraq. I went nuts and replied. The UK is not a christian country it is multicultural and has been for years and the Crusades were the first Al Qaeda. I left the meeting in anger but waited for Wayne David I called him a turn coat and a man I could not trust any longer.

I resigned from the Labour Party on the same day I received via David Carter a 7 page letter from Wayne David. Telling me why we the UK invaded Iraq, I still have the letter.

I felt I had no choice but looking back I wished I had stayed and fought within alone. I never went to any other party despite Diane Price saying I campaigned for Plaid. I won the day against that women I proved her wrong. Now if she said Sinn Fein, yes I could see me campaigning for Sinn Fein. I gave a speech at Cardiff University with an event against war in Iraq I met George Galloway I will say, he was brave and stood alone regarding Iraq. Yet I found him to be a horrid misogynist. He called my speech twee in front of others. Today  that man has lost all credibility and respect sold his soul to TV.

Yet two years after  the Iraq invasion people from the Labour party apologised and said I was right and brave to stand alone and wished they had stood with me.

I was ostracised by the CLP Bryn Hollywell and his wife Gay, Gareth Williams, Foreheads, Diane Price and others still do not speak to me to this day. Am I bothered no I am true to myself.

I rejoined the Labour Party in 2008 but I am no longer politically active but I am politically savvy. I am still Pro Peace and I still march. Syria is in my heart the Beauty of the Desert, very intelligent people, wonderful history. Alas it is the GAS Russia and we in the West want. Gaza the Israelis want the water. Iraq, poor Iraq another clever country, bombed beyond for oil. Afghanistan poppy morphine. As I write China has the monopoly of the copper mines in Afghanistan.

I feel natures heart-breaking in my mind. The world is not a colour, the world is not a religion, the world can be peaceful if we only let go of war.

Dear Reader, I met Jeremy Corbyn at Nye Bevan stones good handshake, good eye contact, his speech was off the cuff. An honest man with principles a rare breed in politics today. Jeremy Corbyn spoke how I felt. I was ready to leave after Ed Miliband. (Balls and Miliband both in the treasury when we the UK were going down the Swannee) when he  became leader I cried tears of disappointment. I am glad he stepped down, back stabber to his brother David. Ed Miliband a man with no morals.


Blair I have no words for him; met him couple of times. I used to receive a Christmas card. Beliar means nothing to me.

I asked Wayne through twitter and FB to not bomb Syria a country already on its knees raped, abused, slashed, gashed, scarred, just  like Iraq. He did not respond remained quiet. Too busy writing letters to member of CLP. With his excuses for going with the Tories. Wayne showed disrespect towards Corbyn stabbing Corbyn in the back and showing support for Hilary Benn. It is a blessing Tony Benn has past away, his son’s behaviour would have killed him.

Where are we now; bombing Syria.

Labour has a good leader and the people love him and support him membership has gone up. We now have a true politician who listens to the people. However Wayne David has backed the Tories and he has made it so obvious he wants Hilary Benn leader for Labour. You can fool some of the people sometimes but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.

You the masters of war who sit behind desks, hide behind the people you go to war instead. Or sit at the table of humanity and talk about PEACE. Is PEACE such a bad word it cannot be used anymore.


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