“When you stand in silence today remember where is Peace”

Today I will wear my white poppy with love for the whole world.

I do not like anti this, anti that I like pro peace. War, I cannot comprehend WAR, it is not in my psyche. War, mass killings, lands invaded, people’s lives changed for ever and not for the better. Masters of War, decisions made from an office where the masters of war have a massive distance from reality. Where others work on the edge of the Nevada desert. In the shimmering heat stand buildings with air conditioning where fingers are on the pulse of live and death buttons called DRONES!!!!!!!

What is wrong with pulling up a chair and sitting round the  table of humanity, discuss food for thought to nourish the unrested mind to peace, not dish out just deserts.

Some of the alleged reasons for war

Religion. Religion is a personal choice and should be left at home philosophy should be taught in schools, philosophy is more beneficial to us all.

Racism is the disease of the ignorant

What colour? I only see a sea of humanity riding a stormy ocean of hate.

Land. We do not own the world build no house upon it but spread love, real love, not love disguised in greed and lust for power.

The real reason for war today

I see the powers in the West this includes Russia waiting for the sea of death to dry up, the colourful tents to disappear. They wait for the monopoly on essential commodities Syria GAS, Iraq OIL, Africa minerals, Afghanistan the poppy (morphine) Gaza WATER.


My paternal grandfather fought in the 1st WW. The war that should have ended all wars BUT DID NOT!!!!

My maternal grandfather fought 2nd  WW in Burma he died way before his time.

Rhetoric. Churchill was good at gobbing off and talking the talk from a massive distance in his ivory tower.

1st and 2nd world war were Churchill’s wars and I despise that man. Because he shot his own in Ireland and Wales. The new £5 note please, anyone but Churchill but in Britain we live in the past, we cannot reach out to the future because we are constantly brought back to remind us of the times we invaded divided and ruled India, Africa, Palestine and Ireland. Ironic that in 1961 year of my birth. Amnesty international was founded in Britain. Ironic we fought alongside Europe in both world wars. Recently others voted to leave Europe but hey it is okay to belong to Europe when war is about!!!

I am not against the British soldier

My father did national service 1955 1957. My brother-in-law  was in the Army for 25 years so was my mother’s husband, my nephew is still serving as a British soldier and has been in the army for over 20 years. My relative by marriage was shot and died in Iraq in 2003 he was not a full-time British soldier he was in the TA’s. I am a woman of peaceful principles and I resigned as a Labour party Councillor over the invasion of Iraq.


 I am European and  a citizen of the world. I firmly believe Britain is more than Churchill and the family that others say have blue blood!!! We have  fab buildings and beautiful places of outstanding beauty. We have great literature. We are rich in diverse culture with rainbow colours throughout all communities in Britain. We need to come together not in religion or politics but for compassion, empathy, peace and humanity. After all we are one nation called the human race.

My poem Peace was published in Red Poets magazine 2012


 My poem


Peace and real love to you all. 

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