Are cobwebs like finger prints all unique

Dear reader,

Walking on Sunday morning, mystical mist was moving spreading away from the sun rays. I walked down to Caradoc bridge over to Groese Faen I looked behind and captured this image.


On I walked up a steep path past the swing on the old oak tree. The path is muddy and slippery careful must keep mind to feet.It is so beautiful and tranquil my butterfly mind wonders fluttering here and there.Colours of bronze, golds, reds and yellows calm my mind. In the distance a murder of crows, ink black on steel grey. Teacher, teacher cries the Great tit.The musk smell of the fox fills my senses.On to the Cwm Darran trail and caught the mist dancing in the sun rays.


I walk to the dam but turned left through my barefoot meadow and I see the meadow covered in cobwebs this fascinates me and I wonder are cobwebs like finger prints all unique.


Photo3730 I am not afraid of spiders and would never kill a spider and I can watch a spider for hours weaving its web.

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