First frost and colours of Dawn


Dear Reader,

I am so blessed to live in an area where there is little light pollution. I can see the sun rising and sun setting.This morning at 6 45am the sun cast its colour over a ceiling of cloud and I stood in child like wonder unaware that frost was about. I looked to my small front garden (In my garden I have all wild flowers and herbs) I noticed frost on my nasturtiums. Did you know you can eat all the nasturtium.


I was so happy I quickly changed and walked to my meadow that leads to my open space beauty. I have another selection of my poems coming out soon called “Healing Garden” my open space beauty is my healing garden.

Frost among the reeds


and grasses


I love autumn, the smell, the sound and colours.


Dear Reader, when did you last kick leaves I noticed leaves are a lot drier this year so I have taken advantage of this and have been kicking leaves all week.


It is good to let the child out to play.

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