Long weekend away, internet and contradicting myself.

Dear reader.

Just come back from a lovely weekend away in Solva / Solfach. Packed books, bathers, food and wine.

Some of you know I use my mobile phone for photos and all my photos come from my basic phone. I have no internet on my phone I do not own a kindle, or iPad and my computer is in the corner of my study and I like that.I am finding the internet nauseating. FB  I detest yet it is good for events and the like but I feel afraid of the Internet. Yet I use twitter for quotes and politics I run on and run off.

Goggle+ I use to promote my work but I have changed my photo of me to a photo of a shore line. The reason being, men who are looking for dates are harassing me mostly American service men I am pro peace I do like anything military and I am not looking for a date with anyone.

I am a poet and writer and I type a lot but my posture is not good and I have acquired a computer belly. So I decided to go back to writing with a pencil and If I need to type I will. Yet I like typing my blog I enjoy it.I have three blogs and find it relaxing writing all three.

Back to the long weekend away. The weather was fine dry and clear you could see for miles. My friend Mike Jenkins said Ifor Thomas lives in Solva I replied “I know but I have been to Solva many times and have never see Ifor only at poetry events”. Ifor travelled all the way from Solva to Bargoed for the John Tripp event I created and hosted Sunday 6th March and this touched me very much.

Where we stayed was not a cottage it was a modern bungalow with decking facing south, the view from the decking was good to my left a wonderful sunrise.


We ate breakfast on the decking a Welsh fry up when I spotted Ifor, no he did not see me. His house was in front of the modern bungalow and no I did not invite him for breakfast or evening drinks. Decorum is needed and space too.

I really enjoy the sea, the sound, smells and being in it to be it skinny dipping or swimming, I swam on Monday at Caerfai bay it was freezing I spoke Japanese in seconds still I ventured in. Dear reader as I type my eyes and nose are streaming, my own fault a woman of my age should know better yet may I always remain child like.

I am a keen walker and can walk for miles and have walked many walks too my walking web page http://www.poetsguidetowalkingwales.wordpress.com

I went for an evening walk and captured a beautiful sunset the orange ball of light thrown my mother nature was coming towards me.


I wept at this view it was so beautiful I was alone except for bird song which was all around me. I spotted a fisherman in a boat below. I thought what  a tranquil place to fish is he in wonderment like I am. Yet he will fish in all weathers and I will walk in all weathers too.


Some of the rock formation on the coast from Solva to Whitesands is breath-taking.

Photo3869 Photo3871

I found this stone walking towards Caerfai bay it has Celtic markings.


With coastal walking it is always longer with twists and bends up and down paths but I love it. Look at these views this was where I swam.


In among the beauty I found a dead Dolphin.


 See how small the path looks

Photo3877 with massive views the weather was very kind and the light was excellent.


I took two books with me a pencil and note-book. I read both books “Morlais” by Alun Lewis and “Tarry Flynn” by my favourite poet Patrick Kavanagh. I will be putting a blog out on theses two books later. I chatted to strangers who became friends, I wrote three poems.

I arrived home on Tuesday I go into my study and there it sits in the corner, blank screen staring at me I stand in the door way terrified to turn the computer on, yet here I sit. Dear reader, writing to you.

Are we allowed to contradict ourselves? Is society today full of contradictions? Nice to end a blog with questions.

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