Fireside to Capel

Dear reader

I created poetry at the Fireside open mic in November 2014

10171030_10205388969258386_6193332412885755327_n nice group photo

We left Fireside in July 2015 due to circumstances beyond my control. I found a new venue and we are now at The Capel Hotel. I decided to change the name from Fireside Poets to Poetry open mic at the Capel out of respect for the landlady of the Capel who gave the room we use for free.


The Capel came to my rescue when I organised the John Tripp evening part of The Rhymney Valley Literature and Art Festival I had no venue Capel accommodated me straight away.

To me a poetry open mic should be in a pub not cafe.

This as been a good experience and taught me something about respect and its true meaning.

PS I found the name Fireside Poets pretentiousĀ and I do not do pretentious.


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