Mystical morning


Dear reader,

I woke early Sunday morning September 21st 6am to be precise

got dressed and decided to walk to my healing garden Gelligaer Common.(My next book of poems is called Healing Garden)The sun was trying to climb a ceiling of cloud.


I witnessed the tide of mist take over my surroundings it was very mystical. I did not realise the mist was seeping through to my marrow as I walked through my favourite meadow. I could see a herd of cows with there young.


I walked through and spoke to the cattle as I walked. No bird song it was eerie. I carried on to the Common waved to a dog walking friend we shouted across the mist our voices seemed to be lost in natures breath. I felt the cold air, cloying on my fleece and hair. I walked 3 miles and made my way back. Later that day at home I became hungry could not stop eating by 7pm I was ready for Gwely Welsh for bed. I knew I was not well and I thought of the saying.

“starve a fever and feed a cold”

Yes by Tuesday I was off work. If you have cold stay home do not spread your germs any further. I went to bed with honey and hot water I do not like taking any medication except my favourite medication garlic I swear by garlic. I read “When God Was A Rabbit” very good book I could not put the book down despite sneezing and my eyes and nose streaming I finished the book. The author Sarah Winman, is new to me I came across her when I read her other book “Marvellous Waves” another good book I enjoyed reading, I read it in 3 days. I like the feeling of losing yourself in words it is so comforting. By Wednesday I was a lot better missed out on a walk with fellow poet and keen walker Amanda Birch, Amanda we do that walk!!!!

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