My poem Autumn photo taken on Sunday Autumn left its mark on the ferns and bracken



The Autumn sun shines

away the mist and dew.

Dropped tawny, crunched crunched crab apples.

Red fruit of the mountain ash 

purple sloes on the black thorn.

Blackberries entangled in their bramble beds.

Leaves changing their colours from green, to gold, bronzed browns.

Falling and disappearing into the ground

are acorns and hazel nuts.

Squirrel scurries for it store, stops

stares then darts away once more.

Swifts perched watching waiting on the wire

of anticipation.

Crows gather in a dynamic display

then fly in a feathery cascade. 

Night time comes early

for Halloween and ghost stories.

Natures back is turned

against the north wind

as it slowly hides away

shutting the door on summer

November 2013

All rights with the poet Julie Pritchard

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