It is good to feel good in your own skin


Dear reader,

last Saturday 12th September I made way to the Vale of Glamorgan and took part in                  “This is Me” event; along with 40 other woman. I arrived to showers and a bare beach.


I have not been to this part of Southern Down for many years. I walked part of the coastal path, despite the showers the sky looked great and I felt good, in the pit of my belly excitement bubbled.

Made my way back to the car and the heavens opened, I was mesmerised by the patterns of rain on the car windscreen. A car parked next to mine three woman got out. Lear, Rebecca and Hazel. Hazel was the organiser and Lear and Rebecca were co organisers. We made small talk and waited for other woman to arrive.

There was a great vibe, laughter hung in the air. Hazel explained what the format was of 40 women baring all and running into the sea. Devlin’s mam (Devlin our youngest participant was 4 months old and the only male)  gave us warm up exercises and stretches we laughed till we cried.


In my white fluffy dressing gown waiting in an anticipation not trepidation.

We walked on the large pebbles where some of the women struggled because of their foot wear, I was glad I brought my walking sandals. On to the damp beach we were ready and eager to get into the sea. Hazel ran ahead to capture us all running into the sea.

Then we had the nod. Stripped bare, we ran like the wind, bellies, breasts and bums, it was amazing the waves were massive and the sea was warm. I giggled like an 8 year old.

The feeling was out of this world the comrade was second to none. The man fishing on rocks was stunned he stared in confusion then accepted us and carried on fishing we squealed we laughed till we cried (well I did).

40 minutes in the water is was wonderful exhilarating  no need to exfoliate for months. We walked up beach, dog walkers were walking their dogs but when they saw us they looked and walked the other way, some ran away too

All warmed up, coffee, tea, scones with cream and jam, food was shared it was all very civilised. Smiles given, photo’s taken and friends we became, best of all was at the end.

Hazel told us Jeremy Corbyn was Labour’s new leader, I wept tears of joy. I am a member of the Labour party and was ready to leave but I went to hear Jeremy speak at Nye Bevan stones. He spoke how I felt and I remained in the Labour party and voted for this sage of a human being.

Photo were taken on the day and they will be used in an art exhibition in Newport next year. I love my body it curves, crevices and its contours and my fair Celtic skin and it is good to be happy in your own skin.

Yes and I will be taking part next year!!!!

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