Books and poems published

Dear Reader,

I have had two poems published in Roundyhouse “Loss” and “Runes”  


my poem “Poacher” is published in Issue 21 of Red Poets magazine.


I run a writing workshop in an addiction clinic every Monday. I am so humbled to be in the presence of such beautiful broken women. I encouraged these women to write their thoughts and put their words into poetry and from this we have had an anthology published “A is for Addicts” by BBTS baarbaarathesheep Publications.

The story behind the front cover. The photo is of the girls in face packs, this gave me the idea for the front cover. I asked the girls for the photo they all said yes. My dear friend Debbie Price designed the front cover and the back cover



It was hard work typing their hand written work and putting it all together. However, it was really rewarding. I have two poems in “A is for Addict” “Colours of manipulation” and “Daughter of Addicts” Writing is truly therapeutic.

I really like Poet Alun Lewis. Alun Lewis came into my life from Chris O’Neill, strange he gave me John Tripp too. We both visited Aberdare 2013 on a writing workshop. I came across the statue of this dream like wonderful poet. I noticed he was in Burma the same time as my grandfather and were both in the same regiment. I wondered did they share a joke, banter, conversation or did he give Sargent James Alfred Scantlebury orders. Sadly Alun Lewis chose the gun to end his life in 1944. My Grandfather’s lungs filled up with cancer in 1961.

I sent off for his book of poems

“Ha Ha Among the Trumpets”


What a beautiful book, it was published in 1945. You can smell the past in every page and Alun Lewis’s sensitivity shines out in every poem

To me this book is priceless to hold this delicate book in my hands and to hear Alun Lewis voice in my mind was truly wonderful. Kindle, iPad, iBook or eBook never will I buy either of these four.

I attended the book launch of John Pikoulis  book “Alun Lewis Gweno and Freda” at Glamorgan University. I was so taken by John Pikoulis reading of this wonderful book I bought it on the night. John Pikoulis takes the reader on an amazing journey through the lives of Alun Lewis, Gweno and Freda. Very beautifully written and after I had read the book, Alun Lewis stayed with me. I waited on Hengoed Station like he did. I walked past the school he taught. I walked mountains he walked.

A line from the poem I wrote and read out at Poem and Pints in Neath on Thursday September 3rd

“Burma never left my Grandfather it came out in night sweats, shakes and fears.

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