Venues, Scams and saving a baby Calf

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Dear reader,

What a week it has been I am creator and host of Fireside Poet. We meet at The Fireside Lounge first Friday of each month. Not any longer, new owner fallen out with old owner. Old owner bricked up the wall in the room that Fireside Poets use. I could not have written this. Also I have organised first ever Rhymney Valley Literature Festival. Posters were made and sent out and one of the events depicted on the poster was at the Fireside Lounge. I have now have to create another poster with correct information and get the poster out in to the public domain. One good thing is Fireside Poets have a new venue Capel Hotel, Park Place, Bargoed. We have a lovely room upstairs also John Tripp event on Sunday July 26th.

John Tripp Banner v2 visual

Will be at The Capel Hotel. The Capel sells real, real, ale and they have new owner Clare Bennett, I am glad the Capel is back to how it used to be.

I run a writing workshop in an addiction clinic in Cardiff on a Monday

it is so humbling to be among people who are suffering but show wonderful creativity.

I will add the poem that was written later in the week.

Friday July 10th driving home from work through a country lane and where at the junction you must give way to traffic coming from the right. I was behind a black modern Beetle.


The owner of the car was having difficulty getting out of the junction she seemed to be scared and nervous so I kept my distance. The car driver started to jump the car, then the car stopped. I assumed the car had broken down and thought how am I going to deal with the situation stuck on a steep hill with a broken down car. A tall young lady got out of the car, dressed in a light peachy pink, trouser suite, wearing matching stiletto shoes. She came towards my car so I opened the window. Strong perfume made me gag and I could see her her skin wore a fake tan, whiter than white fake smile and dyed black hair. She accused me of hitting her car. My mind became sharp as my heart raced. I got out of the car and said

“I did not touch your car at all”

“Yes you did there is a mark”

“Where, there is no mark”

With her fake tanned hand, she pointed her nail vanish pink finger to a tiny white and silver mark. My car is dark brown and not a mark on my car. I told the woman this and I also called her a liar. The woman told me her father was a police officer. I replied “I do not care what your father is you are a liar” By now there was a queue of traffic.I went to the owner of the car behind and told him there is scam going on he blanked me and stared ahead and this hurt. I told the woman to move her car and park it in safe area and we will continue with the conversation. She got in the car but would not move, minutes later she drove off and no she did not stop. I made my way to my local police station and told the on duty police officer what happened the incident is now logged. Who can you trust today, is everyone on the make. And the driver who ignored me shame on you and I mean that.

Saturday morning I go walking through my meadow which leads to my healing garden Gelligaer Common when I found this beautiful creature hidden in the bracken.


A baby calf, I walked gingerly towards the calf and I noticed the cows were in they other field nowhere near this poor calf, this was very strange. A cow will protect its own no matter what.There were lots of flies round the back end of the calf and I looked to see if there was an injury the poor mite was subdued and did not move. I saw a dog walking friend, Gavin he phoned a local farmer but Gavin had to go, so I stayed with the calf and waited an hour. Farmer Powell came and I guided him to the sickly animal. He said it was blow flies and maggots had gotten in, he had never seen anything like it. I asked would the baby calf survive he said yes. I also asked where was its mam. He pointed and said over there the black cow. Yes I said she is cow leaving her baby like this. The calf was taken back to the farm to be treated. Alls well that ends well.

The lesson I learnt from my week is always remain true to yourself and never let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet.

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