My first bare foot meadow walk and whats in a name


Dear Reader,

Sunday 7th June 7 15 am was my first barefoot meadow walk of the Summer and It was very refreshing and slightly cold but I felt good. I heard the Cuckoo as I walked, Swifts dipped dived in the feathery cascade. Seas of many grasses, buttercups glinting in the yellowness. Sat my a stream and I listened as it sang a lament to me.I call these walks my Spiritual walks nature is my God and where I feel at one with myself.

Sea of grass and waves of sunlight.


I have all my own teeth except the two I knocked out in school when I was seven and I brush my teeth three times a day. I picked up what I thought was my regular toothpaste called Oral B to protect gums and teeth. I picked up a whitening tooth paste by accident when I shopped the week before. It tasted vile and bleach oozed from it. Whitening your teeth does not mean you have healthy teeth, a fake tan does not mean you are healthy. Communicating with someone on a screen and using your keyboard for your voice is not natural to me it is shallow. Yet if you live in isolation it is a joy to communicate this way. Use your own mind not the advertisers, they do not care about your health they want to make loads of money and if everyone follow like sheep they will continue to make loads of money.

My full name is Julie Ann Pritchard I have a confirmation name Maria from being a catholic I am now a very lapsed catholic so I never use that name. I run and host a poetry event called “Poetry from the Fireside” and a Coordinator of a Writing group called “Write on Writers” in the beautiful Rhymney Valley. I like to use posters and flyers to promote and encourage others to join the group. However, I was approached by some people and was told that people were confusing me with a Plaid Cymru County Councillor Judith Pritchard. Judith and I look nothing like each other and Judith is not poet and is 20 years older than me. I now use my middle name Ann, named after my Auntie Ann who’s real name is June Ann but she likes to call herself Ann it is all very confusing. I also had a great great grandmother named Ann Williams.

Photo of the Fireside poets, Julie Ann Pritchard is on the end on the right wearing white not a whiter than white smile just a natural smile

10171030_10205388969258386_6193332412885755327_n nice group photo

Go out and bare all be natural love yourself and always live in the now.

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