Oasis Splott and thumbing a lift. May 2015

Dear reader,

It has been a strange couple of weeks, seeking new paths and ideas most of all finding my inner self. How many of you stay in The now and are happy in your own skin. To be at one to see wonder in everything you see and do. I am in bliss, joy and childlike wonder. I was in Merthyr yesterday Saturday 30th May, we The Red Poets were performing at Bellvue at The Merthyr Rising event. I also danced in the square to some great music. Merthyr is looking good and it was a great afternoon. The BNF were in town I only saw the back of them that was enough for me.

Photo I took yesterday, of the River Taff snaking its brown back.


Friday morning May 29th I went to a storytelling event at Oasis, Splott Road, Cardiff.


Oasis is a centre for Refugees and Asylum seekers and I had a wonderful humbling couple of hours. Listening to people from Eritrea, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Sharing their wonderful stories and Fables. I was asked would I like to read my poetry so I performed two poems. I shared delicious food with Syrians, we spoke about their beautiful country and they kept saying “Before not now” I thought what would I do if Wales was torn apart I had to leave, no home, no family all gone. My Irish grandmother left her country through civil war The Anglo Irish war. She was not an asylum seeker or refugee, she fell in love with my Welsh grandfather who was a British soldier. She had a gun held to her head in 1921 she was only 21. She had to leave and did not go back until the coward who held the gun to her head had died. She had to wait 36 years before she could go back home. In that 36 years my Nan’s mother had died and my Nan’s eldest brother. However my Nan had 10 children 35 Grandchildren which I am one. Was married to my Grandfather for 58 years. She travelled from Ireland to Wales and settled in Splott where my Grandfather was from. They lived round the corner from Oasis. Love can build bridges, love can pull down walls and true love can conquer all.

Sunday 31st May I went to visit my friend poet Chris Torrance. He lives at the back of Glyn Neath, where he lives you have to walk down a lane and through a meadow. Dear reader I am a Luddite but I used the Sat naff and I mean naff!! The sat nav led me to a car park. I got out and continued my journey by foot to my friends house. A mile in to my journey my surroundings were not familiar to me but I continued. I stopped a passing motorist, (Chris Torrance is very well known in the area) so I asked how far I was from Chris’s house, the driver of the white van said

“Oh a long long way”

“Sorry when you say long way what do you mean”

Oh about 3 miles, if I was you I would go back and get the car”

“Three miles I am a keen walker I can walk three miles”

“I will give you a lift to the pub”

I took up his offer he drove me half a mile I was speechless. I carried on with my journey and I called the Sat Naff everything. Saw a farmer and I stopped him, he took me to where I should have parked the car. The farmers name was Ian, Ian had a wall eyed sheep dog and was a real gentleman thank you Ian. The Sat Naff took me seven miles the wrong way.

The meadow you have to walk through to my friends house.


This led to his gate and where I heard the Cuckoo.


Chris looked well I gave him a gift  Gran Reserva Rioja. I sat in front of his proper wood burner,drinking strong coffee and eating bara brith.


 We had a wonderful conversation, he is a sage a real philosopher. Chris does not own a television, a phone or computer, he lives in bliss. I made my leave and my 7 mile journey back to the car. three miles in, I said to myself “Do not worry, let your mind and heart be open” So I stuck my thumb out and thumbed a lift.  A white land drover stopped two people were sat inside, they were Rangers for the Brecon Beacon national park.  I asked could they give me a lift to my car. They said no only room for two. The female Ranger gave up her seat for me and Les the Ranger drove me 4 miles to my car I gave him my book of poems “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind”

I am Coordinator of a writing group called Write on Writers. The writing group has been in Morganstown for 10 months. In July I am moving the writing group up the Valleys to Parc Cwm Darran Country Parc. The new venue is in a beautiful inspiring woodland with a lake.

WOW POSTER for print (1)

It is good to talk, listen and to be humbled.

Remember to live in your Now.


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