To my ears Spring is here.

Dear reader, I have set up a web page for my professional walks through the South Wales Valleys and the rest of Wales. please take a look. Spring is here to my ears, out walking on Saturday 18th April. All the way from Africa my first pair of swifts of the year. A pair of Jay’s came courting, Jays have beautiful colours but their song is not pleasant to the ears. The warm liquid sound of the Sky Lark is a joy and then I stop baa lambs cry, Great Tits shout teacher, teacher. I cock my head to the right side and the sound I have been waiting for comes to me, the Cuckoo. I love the sound of the Cuckoo. Above me stately like a galleon is the Heron in the distance the Curlew sings a lament.


Today Monday 20th April. I do not watch the television but I listen to the news once a day 7 am BBC Radio 4. The newscaster said that about 900 people were thought  to have drowned in Mediterranean sea. These desperate people  were leaving Libya and paid a price with their lives by trusting barbaric smugglers. It makes me question, where was humanity? why are they fleeing their country? why is the Libyan Government allowing this to happen? This problem is the worlds problem and the World must come together, none of us own the World, so lets have no barriers or bridges but open arms and the only sea we sail on should be the sea of humanity. My Irish ancestors left the West of Ireland during the famine 1846 for America. They left Ireland to pursue a better life they trusted the purser and paid him. When they awoke from their journey they  thought they were on the Hudson River leading to New York. No they were wrong, it was the Bristol Channel leading to Cardiff Docks.They survived and led a good life. William Griffin’s grandson, Richard Griffin my Grandfather married an Irish woman my Nan Maggie. I their granddaughter yearn for the Country they left behind.

11149506_941929509192503_6540037860089127779_n me and ethan

The photo above was taken yesterday Sunday 19th April in Cwm Darran Parc. I was filmed by Rural Wales and interviewed by Ethan Pitt the young man in the photo. It was an amazing couple of hours Rhys Griffiths the film maker and Ethan astounded me with their intelligence, their knowledge and how they care about nature. I was humbled. The film will be out later in the year. I and Rural Wales will be working together for our community Rhymney Valley and the Darran Valley. I run a monthly poetry event in Bargoed and have also organised a Literature festival for July 24th to July 26th, the festival will be in both Valleys and Rural Wales will have the filming rights to this event.


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