Autism Day April 2nd 2015

My sister Suzanne, was born 29th August 1962, I was 18 months older. I knew from an early age my sister was special, I was a late talker, Suzanne spoke her language, we communicated with our eyes. As we grew I became her powerful protector, she taught me how to love. She contracted Meningococcal Meningitis and she clinically died in my arms, on Friday, March 30th 1979. They turned her life support machine off, on Monday afternoon on April 2nd 1979. Suzanne saw beauty in everything, I was blessed to have had Suzanne in my life and she is with me always in every aspect. We were the ABBA girls and you will always be my dancing Queen.


 On a stile in an open meadow,

I hear your laughter,

I watch you run

you turn and look

back to me,

your cornflower blue eyes

shine in the sun.

Julie Pritchard,  April 2nd 2015


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