Very busy month and i have had no time to write my blog!!


I am being filmed today Sunday 19th April 2015 by Rural Wales. filmed on one of my walks and reading poetry and giving the history of the walk.


February 26th I have been performing at The Imp Merthyr (my stomping ground and my favourite open mic) along side Owen Sheers I was the featured artist. It was a very good evening, Owen is a real gentleman very sincere and a very good writer, he sat with me and my friends from Rhymney all evening and what was good about this, there were NO PHOTOS being  taken from mobile phone’s or other camera’s, we all chatted naturally like you supposed to. I read six poems three I performed. I sold 4 books too. Judith Toms was there from Aberdare with her poetry group what a woman once seen never forgotten. I have now sold 94 book of “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind”. Three I have given to charity.


unnamed me murenger March 2015

Friday March 6th The John Tripp Poetry Event that I organised in my town and the town where John Tripp was born Bargoed. It went really well, I can not thank the artist enough who gave their time with out any fee. Sally Roberts Jones, Mike Jenkins, Clare Potter, Alan Roderick, Robert Minhinnick, Bob Walton, Emily Hinshelwood, Ifor Thomas, Sally Spedding, Nicholas Whitehead, Ric Hool. Music from Jamie Bevan. Ray Davies and the Red Choir. Fay Corns and Jean Henderson. MP for Caerphilly Borough Wayne David came and spoke off the cuff. My friends who came to listen and supported me Debbie Price, Ian Jenkins, Fran Smith, Pauline Williams, Gael Humphries, Ann Harris, Peter John, Mair Pitt and many others.





  20th Anniverary issue of The Red Poets Magazine, my poem “Dinosaur’s Back” is in this addition


Friday 27th March, we The Red Poets were at the at The Globe in Hay. Another great night and a different audience.


Friday 27th March, I was performing at an event my friends Fran and Pauline organised called “Spring time Poetry and Painting” In Penarth. Fab evening great poetry, it was good to hear my friend Bel Blue perform. Wonderful to hear a live performance of Mozart Cello Concerto.

Performing my  poem “The Story Teller of Ireland” at Foxy’s Penarth


Sunday 29th March I was invited to Rusiru Tharana Kodithuwakkua book launch of his book “My Universe” at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, Mountain Ash. Rusiru is 11 years old with a wonderful imagination and great presence. I read two poems one I wrote that morning and “Blue Bell Memory” and I performed my poem “Dinosaur’s Back”.

I have had two poems accepted by Roundyhouse I am so pleased with this.

I am  in the process of organising  The John Tripp Music and Literature Festival Weekend for Friday July 24th to Sunday July 26th

John Tripp Banner v2 visual

On Friday 24th July at The TARAGGAN Educational Gardens, Bargoed Open air free event. Poetry from Clare Potter, and poets from Poetry from the Fireside, music from Bel Blue and friends.

Saturday 25th  afternoon 2 pm to 5 pm story telling of Traditional Tales of Rhymney Valley from Cath Little and myself Julie Pritchard and local author Debbie Price Parc Cwm Darran, Deri. Open air and free event.

Sunday 26th 6pm short walk to the house where John Tripp was born and to show the plaque. Then to Music, Poetry and Supper  7 pm at the Fireside Coffee Lounge. Peter Finch, Tony Curtis, Sally Roberts Jones and Robert Minhinnick, Bob Walton will be reading. Music from Jamie Bevan and Peter John. This event will be a ticket only event.

I have organised a poetry evening event at  Parc Cwm Darran amphi theatre  on my sisters Suzanne birthday 29th August to highlight that there is beauty in Autism.

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