John Tripp and Busy with Poetry.

I moved from Cardiff to Bargoed, poet John Tripp left Bargoed for Cardiff.

Friday 6th March I organised  (invitation only) a big event in memory of poet John Tripp, John Tripp often quoted”I was born in Bargoed and I want to know why?” So I have called the event.  “I was born in Bargoed and I want to know why?”

John Tripp was born in Upper Capel Street, on 22nd of July 1927. I had a plaque made in memory of John Tripp and this was placed on the house where John Tripp was born.


I took the verse from “The Diesel to yesterday”and added it to the plaque.

It has been hard work organising this wonderful event but it is was worth it. I first found out about John Tripp being born in Bargoed was from a friend and from this I approached author and poet Peter Finch. He gave me a contact Fay Cornes an ex girlfriend of John’s. I found the house where John was born, and I recall the times I walked past his house and never knew. I contacted many poets who knew John and his girlfriend Jean Henderson. Also contacted past winners of “The John Tripp Spoken Word Award” All accepted apart from two. Welsh singer and political activist Jamie Bevan performed along with Ray Davies and The Red Choir. MP for Caerphilly Borough Wayne David came. I asked for funding from CCBC, Bargoed Town Council, GAVO, Communities First, Lit Wales sadly they all refused me. I can not match fund CADW regarding a plaque. So I took matters into my own hands and designed the plaque and what was written. I wanted the plaque to be bilingual because Tripp was a Welsh nationalist Welsh speaker Jamie Bevan helped with the translation. The plaque was made local in Ystrad Mynach. I felt such a good vibe on my journey regarding John Tripp I am determined it will work. Mayor of Bargoed Town, Council Councillor Howard Llewellyn gave me a grant from his own personnel funds for The John Tripp event. I am so happy all my hard work and not accepting no for an answer has paid off.

I have busy month ahead of me,

unnamed murrengher

I am creator and host Rhyme and Real Ale we launched our 2nd anthology on Monday 9th February 2015.

tree and sky

Mike Jenkins Red Poets which i am one are performing in Blackwood.

 red-poets-stute-poster (1)

 26th February I will be performing at the Imp alongside Owen Sheers.


Had three poems published in “I am not a silent poet”

Compassion does not have Colour



Poems by Julie Pritchard

Poet Mab Jones, inviting me as guest poet in Buzz magazine and my poem Barren was published in Buzz magazine.


Had a wonderful evening performing and reading my own work at “Scratch the Platform 3” Cardiff it was great to read to a different audience. The Murrenger, Newport, Alan Roderick is a wonderful man I really enjoy performing there, good poets and great audience too.

I have now sold over 80 copies of my book of poems “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind” Amazing title came to me in a dream.


Two more collections of my poetry 2016 “Healing Garden” 2017 “Spirit Cracked not Broken”

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