My poem “Icicles” and my dear friend Mr Pugh.



I lost the world in me once

nothing mattered or made sense.

What remained was fear, I in turn became a pilgrim.

On a journey  to where I want to be.

My footprints are left behind

to show where I have been.

I follow my breath,

to where the sun reflects day time stars

of blue, green lilac back at me.

They appear to float and I feel serene.

I turn and hear the trees weep

the light delicate heavenly sound

witness their tears fall.

They lay on the ground like shards of glass

to earth’s embrace.

 To come together, convert , mystify

disappear beyond the clouds.

Julie Pritchard February 2012

This poem came to me after I went for a walk on a Sunday morning in February 2012. There was a hoar frost I walked through my bare foot meadow, the image before me was breath taking. Back then I did not own a mobile phone, so I had no photo only a mental image. The above photo I took last Sunday 18th January 2015. To me the poem means more than any photo. Today Thursday 22nd January 2015. I went to visit my dear friend Mr Pugh for the past 6 years I have taken every poem that I have written to Mr Pugh I read  my poems and  Mr Pugh  critique,  today I went  with 2 new poems that I had written, my dear friend was not there, he is in hospital and is very unwell indeed. Mr Pugh is 98 and he is my intellectual friend we discuss books, poetry, politics and I miss him very much. I dedicate my poem “Icicles” to Mr Pugh.

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