Saturday17th January 2015, out walking, first real snow of the year.


Left the house at 8 30 am to walk across Carraddocs Cross  towards Cwm Darran Trail, I took my walking poles with me i have not used them since walking Offar’s Dyke 5 years ago. The only foot prints were mine, a  fox and a rabbit it was sheer bliss. Saw lots of bird, plenty of Wrens Robin’s but my camera is a phone camera and i can not capture the beauty of the birds that i see. There song is wonderfully kind to the ears and good for the spir

My mind is like a butterfly it flits here and there, i feel happy and sheer joy. For the past 2 years i have not been good i have neglected myself physically and mentally yet spiritually i am at one, it is odd but true, I can still find inner peace within, especially with nature. Over a stile to the dam this is where i hear the Cuckoo in spring the sound from the stream overwhelmed me, black birds skipped and flew away from me while  screeching their warning to others.


Down from the Graig on to Cwm Darran Trail, the Cwm Darran Trail  used to be the old railway line from Bargoed to Brecon.


Still only me and nature, i walk up over the Graig because i want to take a photo over looking the village of Deri.

I turn around and look to my left and this is before me, in the distance the village of Deri. My dear friends Debbie and Ian live in the village of Deri, i think on Mark, dear Mark Davies who was  a beautiful person, Mark was a friend of ours. Mark has left us and gone to where we cannot comprehe

I was last here in the Autumn, with my two friends, Jamie and Andrew, it emptied down that day along with thunder lightening then nature threw us a double rainbow it was pure joy.


I turn to my right and see natures breath making its way along the river Darran, see the rabbit foot prints to the left.

Back on to Gelligaer Common not a quad or off road bike to be seen yet.


Dear reader information  on quad and off road bikes, you cannot use a  quad or off bike  where you please  and destroy nature’s fine skin and try to break nature’s back, you can only use this useless insignificant toy in a private field with owners permission. Please look at my blog called “Boxing day and Imminent danger”  You will see what terrible damage an awful  machine  like a quad and off road bike can do, when put in to the hands of an ignorant person.  Below this was once a right of way, historical ground and where the battle of Gelligear took  place and where Roman soldiers trained it has now been obliterated. CCBC, have come to the rescue.


The road that leads to my home and a warm drink.


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