Out walking early this morning Saturday December 13th 2014

It was a cold and frost was every where i love this weather. Up the path to my barefoot meadow, i am wearing walking boots this morning over the virgin stile i leave my mark.


photo by Julie Pritchard

Cold stings my nose and my eyes  streak my cheeks with tears, my foot prints show where i have been.


photo by Julie Pritchard

Not a sound only nature breathing, i stood for awhile and waited for the sun to rise i heard two dog walkers talking loudly, i felt distracted my there noise they mean no harm yet i feel irritated by their presence.  They shout “morning taking a photo of a sun rise are you babe” I nodded yes and i think “how  i dislike  being called babe” Then suddenly I realise i do not own the sun rise, i do not own the meadow. I own my thoughts, reactions and how i respond. Once this thought came to me i felt ashamed then a sense of calmness came over me. “Yes it is a lovely sunrise” i replied.  “you enjoy it babe” came their reply. I smiled.


photo by Julie Pritchard

I like winter and picking and cutting Holly i feel at one with nature. I think on me being Dyslexic and left handed, we see the world they other way round we feel more than the average person we are hyper sensitive and can feel bad vibes. When we hurt, we hurt deep because we can not express for the words are lost in images. I was hurt recently and the image is still with me after 5 days. Our sense of smell is very strong and chemicals like perfumes, deodorant, washing powder and make up, really effect us with me it is my eyes and sinus. I can only where cotton i can not wear synthetics my skin will come out in a rash. We  see  images not words so sometimes i can not find words and i may take days to find the words. This blog will take me a long time because i can not spell and tend to write the wrong way round but hey its great for writing poetry. Picking Holly i do not take all the berries i leave lots of berries for the birds.


photo by Julie Pritchard

I take what i need to make my nature baskets, my nature baskets have quince, fir cones, holly and berries. Last year a relative bought me fake candles i do not like anything fake  (i use real candles all the year round being a lapsed catholic it never leaves you) I used the fake candles in my nature basket, along with my three doves of peace .


photo by Julie Pritchard

This basket  i have placed cyclamen among the holly and a piece of wood i found last year  which i bleached by leaving in my conservatory.

Photo1901 .

photo by Julie Pritchard

Walking in nature is a wonderful remedy for healing, wild reeds will survive any where this reminds me of a bare beach.


photo by Julie Pritchard

Winter ice sunshine smiles.


photo by Julie Pritchard

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