My thoughts on love, war and hate.


Week in Amroth 033

While out walking I think more, walking stretches my thoughts. I think on love and its true meaning. Love is not to be mistaken for lust, lust is just a few moments of pleasure. Being In love is not to be confused with infatuation or ownership.There are various types of love, love for your partner, love for a child, parents, friends. Love for your self, your inner being.

I was born in the 1961, I was teenager in 1970’s. Sexual harassment was socially accepted back then. Not by me!!!!

In 1976, I was fifteen, an innocent fifteen year old. I worked on a market stall, on Sundays, selling jeans. The owner was Asian. I was on my second Sunday. When the owner told me, to go into the back of his van, for more jeans. I did as I was told. He came in after me and tried to touch me up, I hit him and fought him off and demanded my money. He threw my £5 at me. I picked it up and walked away. At Comprehensive school in the 70’s, boys often tried to touch girls up. We would hit them, and tell them to get lost. When I left school, I grew into a beautiful woman. However, I could not walk past building sites, for awful sexist remarks aimed at me. I would tell them to get lost, Yes I hated it, but it went on back then, and was accepted. The same with car drivers would beep at me and wolve whistle. One time I was at a night club, a man touched my bottom, and I smacked him across the face. Aged nineteen,  French rugby captain Jean Pierre Reeve. Asked me out. I refused and told him no. If this was today, what would a nineteen year old do ?? Would it be out on FB, twitter, Instagram, papers, blackmail maybe? In my late twenties, I was drunk, and was a bet in pub, and was raped in back of my car. No, I never reported it, because I was drunk. The mentality back then, was women who were drunk were asking for it. I was so ashamed, I told no one, until September 2016. I befriended someone who I thought was eccentric. I WAS SO WRONG!!! the person had history, nasty history. Nearly cost me my life.

Love your body, and your mind, never allow anyone to walk over you, or walk their dirty feet through your mind.

They say school children and teenagers are more depressed today, and self harm too. What is depression? I can give you mine. I came from abuse and poverty yet I thrived. However, sometimes I wake up and cry because I am still here. There are days, when I do not want to be on this planet, suicide thoughts come and go, but I learn to live with it and I still function at a top level, most important I still love.

When Rock in roll came to Britain, the school children and young teenagers were happy. When the swinging 60’s came, bringing the Beatles, festivals, birth pill and protest. School children, and teenagers were happy.

School children and teenagers, of today. STOP TAKING FB, INSTAGRAM, AND THE LIKE SERIOUSLY. In this fast paced world, where life decisions are made at a push of a button, where a smile is a yellow sticker, the words fab, wow, amazing, are so over used (and are not to be taken seriously)  they have no meaning or substance. Stop comparing yourselves to others. Speak to your parents, and older sibling, a good friend, or teacher.  Most of all laugh, enjoy the beauty of your day, stop worry about what others think. Because life is passing you by, in a blink of an eye.


When did you last walk out in the elements, not on the Wii. When did you last stand still, and feel the world around you. Where your hands were free, hanging loosely, not attached to a phone, iPad, computer. Walking outdoors is very therapeutic. Walking where trees are is healthy for you. mentally, physically, and spiritually. Let your thoughts ebb and flow, your breathing mirroring your thinking, listen to your body, the gut instinct and what is it telling you. From my life experience, it is paramount to love yourself first, before you can reach out to others. Forgiveness is one step of loving yourself. You can not live in the past, but you can learn from it.

You can not live in future because it is not here yet, but you can live in the now. Never wish harm on others, let go of what you perceive pain to be, jealousy, hate, envy. They are a waste of your health, time and your precious energy. Crying is good, for tears are for healing. Taking control of your life, never use the word blame. Do not become a prisoner to magazines that make you feel ugly. When you look in the mirror smile, a real smile, and love what you see. Do not lose sight of what is you, and blind yourself to what others perceive you to be.



Love for this earth, nature and your fellow human being. We are all equal, we all suffer pain, we shed tears, our blood is red and we all have one certainty, we will all die one day. We need peace, and harmony, on this beautiful blue planet. That is hurling its way to infinity, you might think I am being twee. No I am being realistic.

Religion should be taken out of schools and left at home, it is a personal choice. To me philosophy should be taught in school, and children from a young age, should learn to debate.

The 1st WW did nothing for humanity, they said it would end all wars, no it was lie, wars still happen. The working class, are still used as cannon fodder, by those who should no better. They target Council estates, deprived schools, disguising the true meaning of invading, killing and maiming others, and call it a Career.

Planting wild flowers in your garden, will help bees, butterflies, birds. Growing your own veg, is not rocket science, and is healthy for you. I do charity work, it is so rewarding. Use your time well, do not waste it on materialism, fears that you have created in your own head. Time is precious, be wise, where you give your time, be even wiser, in where you place your love. Indifference is racism, hate, greed, famine, wars and poverty. The world is not a colour or a religion.

Your inner beauty is not reflected, from how much money you have, or the size of your home, or your body size. The colour of your fake tan, the whitening of your teeth and how fast you drive your car. Expressing your hate at others, on FB, twitter and the like. Judging others, and listening to reply, and not to understand.

Inner beauty shines from within, comes out in kindness, understanding, patience and acceptance, it stems from love.

Week in Amroth 037



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