West Wales Pembroke Saturday November 1st.

Left Bargoed on Saturday November 1st at 6 40 am travelled to Cardiff to pick up two friends Sharon and Rachel. I then drove up the M4 then on to the A4077 to Pembroke. At the town of Pembroke we were lost the sat naff and i mean naff was hopeless, so was the woman at Pembroke Tourist information center. We arrived 15 minutes late which is not too bad. Driving towards the pink ice cream coloured Georgian Mansion called Orielton. Which was now a field study center ideal to explore diverse environment and habitats.  This modern house is on a site which has been occupied by successive residences since 1188. In 1583 property passed by marriage to Sir Hugh Owen of Bodowen Anglessy and his descendants until 1809.It was bought in the 1950s by naturalist writer R.M. Lockly for development as a bird sanctuary. in 1963 it was acquired by Field Studies Council. The building is also haunted but we never saw any ghosts because we did not stay at the mansion but down a small road to the stables. The stables were in what was once a courtyard. There were rooms for studying in too, one was a library with books on natural history, archaeology , geography and geology. The food was very good and plenty of it. We had a short walk round the woodland it was very interesting.  Door leading to a secret garden.


Later i  went walking alone in the surrounding land i came across small animal graves surrounded in cast iron railings. Photo1364 The following day, Sunday i went walking alone at 7 am in the grounds  i captured the lake at dawn.

Photo1361 Later we drove three miles to Fresh Water West


yes i  paddled could not resist it, if i was alone i would have gone skinny dipping.


Time and tide wait for no one


Reeds of sage green swaying to the sea.


I adore the sea, the sounds and its scent.


Made our journey home from this beautiful beach.


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