Ar ben y Rigos Cerdded October 18th

View around Rhigos


We left the car park at 10 30 am Andrew, Jamie and myself,  walking over Rhigos, the weather was cloudy and warm. Jamie led the walk he said the walk was six and half miles.  We were greeted  by the wind which was good; the view above took my breath away waterfalls, autumn colours mixed in with past industry.

we walked across and down muddy paths in the distance we could the path.


The bare, bleak, rawness, sang to me it pleased my inner self. We chatted as we walked about this and that but the beauty of the wonderful place kept distracted me.


What surrounded us was poetic  gushing streams that were filled with song. Then the walk up it was hard but we were taken in my the wonderful environment.

Waterfalls into the arms of natures colours


 Off came jumpers but i kept my beanie on.  we stayed awhile in this amazing cathedral of nature in all its glory.





Up and over on to open moorland the colours were kind to the eye.



through to a green path and forest.



We followed the moorland Rhondda came in to view, i felt a  foreboding feeling i always have when i am in the area of the Rhondda Valley, i do not know why but the feeling is not good. On to bouldered bedded paths very uneven and slippery underfoot. We climbed over some boulders. It was more than six and half miles maybe eight.

Loops and links signs are all over the Valleys they are good links to great walks.


The view from the top of Rhigos.


Cerdded da iown diolch Jamie

Good walk thank you Jamie.

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