Fran Smith and myself promoting RARA’s first anthology

my friend Fran Smith and i were at The Old Murenger, Newport promoting RARA’s first anthology. We were asked to promote our own work too. My booklet of poems “Butterfly Kisses and a Bee Sting Mind.” Fran promoted her beautiful healing poems. We sold all RARA’s anthology at Newport, big thank you to Alan Roderick for inviting us to promote RARA.

DSC_4011RARAGrlsBagLR We had a fab time and a wonderful audience too.DSC_3976RARAGrlsLR

 Rhyme and Real Ale came into being August 2013 we were then at the Andrew Buchan we became too big and had to find another venue Paddy Falkner suggested the Mackintosh Sports Club, Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3JW. Nick Lovell RARA’s off shore poet came up with the idea for a RARA anthology and we worked together along with Will Ford, Dave Daggers and Bex Marriott i. Bex did the fab art work. Nick did all the publishing for RARA. Poets who had never been published before are now published this touched me deeply.


Rhyme and Real Ale is an open mic poetry event where there is no elitism and we are all equal. RARA had been borrowing Dave Daggers PA system but we needed our own. I put a bucket round to collect money for a new PA system we now have one. RARA is also connected to Christina Thatcher’s Roath Writers, we share the PA with them too and they share their words with us we are all breathing from the same breath.

Bridget is such an inspiring person whose honesty touches us all at RARA


Will Ford my friend who gives his time to host when i cannot make RARA.


Bel Blue Sara to me, is an amazing singer, song writer and poet .


Dave Daggers our PA man, adviser hands on and a writer, singer and many other things that are good too.


Sheila Hart a wonderful poet we started at the BOTPPC. Sheila was with me in the beginning of RARA.


Talented Zaru telling and showing us how it is, Claire Daisy  looking on another talented writer and poet we all came from Mab Jones BOTPPC


When i became creator and host of RARA  I never gave it a minutes thought, i had no fear considering i have never been MC before. I  had self belief  an inner feeling as long as RARA remained equal and inclusive it would be a great event.


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