Megaverse and walking where my ancesters worked, Sunday October

Photo1135 Photo1133

Will Ford host of Megaverse organised and hosted a great afternoon down Cardiff Docks (I can not call it the Bay it is the Docks to me and always will be) There were many that read out, I read three from memory “Sun to Mother Earth “and “Dinosaurs Back” and “Wanting to be one of the Boys ” I wrote “Wanting to be One of the Boys”3 years ago about me being a Tom boy. “Dinosaurs Back” is published in this years Red Poets magazine, the poem came from a conversation i overheard on a train journey to Cardiff, two girls were sat  behind me one said to the other Caerphilly Mountain range reminded her of Dinosaurs back, like all writers i observe my surroundings at all times i wrote this poem from that conversation. “Sun to Mother Earth “is my take of the real problem in the middle East. It was freezing but it is always cold because the Docks is exposed to the wind coming from Penarth head to Cardiff harbour.  We read outside the Dylan Thomas travelling Writing Shed here’s the inside looks good very realistic.

Photo1132 My family came from the Cardiff Dock area, my great,great grandfather William Griffin was a Dock birthing Master now the Docks are empty.

Photo1152  My Grandfather Richard Griffin witnessed the Terra Nova leaving the Docks, out past Penarth Head in 1910 this is a monument to remember.

Photo1143 My great, great grandfather William Cheeseman, was a coal trimmer in Penarth Docks. In the Industrial revolution Coal was king, the South Wales Valleys gave wealth to the Docks and Wales, this was when Wales  should have left the UK. When we had coal, steel ,iron ore no we chose to stay and threw our independence away. Maggie Thatcher ripped the heart out of the South Wales Valleys and the Trade Union broke its own heart by not uniting  back in 1983. Another monument in memory.


My Grandfather James Scantlebury, ran away to sea at the age of fourteen sailed to Australia what an adventure.


I like the real Docks  here are some images of what the Docks mean to me.


My Granfdathers brother Tom Scantlebury worked in the Coal Exchange. The Coal Exchange might close because of lack of money. Tories are in town this is what happens to art, the past, day center’s for special needs, old, the poor are let down by careerists politicians who i cannot put a fag paper between Cameron, Clegg and Milliband, AM’s, Councillors too they all forget they are in power to serve us not themselves.


My Great, great, great grandfather Steffen James a Welsh speaker lived in Bute Street 1860 and was an Egg Merchant.


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